Finlandia Beach Club

Sauna wood delivered 9/22/17

We need stackers! Five cords of sauna wood has been delivered and needs stacking. Remember to write down your work hours in the lodge if you come out to help.


Finlandia Beach Club was organized in August 1908 as a cultural society called Cloquet Finnish Workmen Society "Kehitys".  In 1909, the first club hall was built on 12th Street and Avenue F in Cloquet, Minnesota.  After the "Finn Hall" burned in the 1918 fire, the club met in a newly constructed building attached to the cooperative store on 14th Street.  In 1934 the club voted to relocate to a 20 acre property on Little Grand Lake in Saginaw, Minnesota, where the club currently meets. 

There are several more web pages with information--just click on a link on the left side of the page to navigate the website!

Finlandia Centennial Cookbooks will be for sale for only $5! There are not many left. Grab one- or another before they're gone.

Closing time

This Saturday, 10/7 at 8AM is the closing for Finlandia! We need lots of helpers to stack wood, pull in the docks, clean the buildings, winterize the plumbing. Monty will show someone how to winterize the plumbing if you're willing. Give him a call or show up by 8. Mojakka for members!!